Starting soy this cycle - advice please?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Lamburai1703, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Evening all!

    Well AF is due in the next 5 days or so, and have decided to try soy this month after ov'ing on CD24 (getting pregnant then miscarrying) and then on CD30 (having a month off, hence I know AF is due!). My cycles before this were about 32ish days.

    So, I am planning on taking soy at 80mg (that is 2 x 38mg tablets) on days 3 to 7. I've read people suggest 100mg so should I up this to 3 tablets a day? and is cd3-7 the best days?

    Has anyone ever had ov moved back more than a day or so when taking soy? Worst case scenario is that I ov even later which would be RUBBISH as I've got it all planned with OH this month over New Year!!

    Opinions/advice gratefully received.
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    I just drank soy milk from cd3-cd7 and that moved O day forward by two days! I didnt do it last cycle and it went back to my normal cd14 day, so this cycle Im back on it to steal a couple of days back!:haha: I havnt heard of it putting O off to a later date, so I would stick to what you are intending on doing, sounds perfect! Fingers crossed for a sticky beanie hun!xxxx:hugs:
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    I'm by no means an expert - only my first month taking soy. My FF chart is totally different this month to my 1st month. I think I ov'd yesterday.... CD19 of normally a 29 day cycle! Not great! According to FF I ov'd on CD17 last cycle. I did take more soy than most people though - got a bit carried away and took 200mg 5-9. I wanted to take it 3-7, but it didn't arrive until cd5 and I couldn't bear to wait another cycle.

    From reading other people's soy stories, I would go 3-7 at 100mg -120mg.
    That's what I am going to do next cycle - I think I have more chance of winning the lottery than getting a BFP this cycle!:haha:

    Good luck hun

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