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stupid cooker


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Sep 1, 2006
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i was so looking forward to out first sorta proper dinner last night :D so put oven on for first time to heat it up :) was making chicken kiev's (sp) with chips and was so looking forward to it :lol:

anyway the light went off on the oven to tell me it was hot enough so i put them in for 25 mins, and they smelled lovely :D opend the oven to check on them and all the garlic juice was running out of them as they only had 5 mins left so i put chips on.

got it all out and prepared it on plates, brought it through, cut into one chicken kiev and it was still fucking cold in the middle :shock: :shock: i felt really sick :sick: :sick:

so read the instructions over again and i done everything i should have done properly but i dont get why they were still cold in the middle :?

im too scared to cook anything in the oven tonite incase it doesnt cook it properly so were having roasted cheese for dinner tonite cos i dont have anything else you cant cook in the oven :shock:

stupid crap oven :( it doesnt even have a light on it for inside so you can see everything cooking its shit tbh, thought it was a great buy at £219.99 for a stainless steel one but now i know why it was so cheap :( :( :( :(
Doesn't sound like a normal thing for a cooker hun - I'd say you have a faulty one so you need to get that replaced sweety x

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