Stupid nieghbor!!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by BurtonBaby, Oct 13, 2008.

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    This is rare for me, I never have neighbor rants! We live in an apartment until we are ready to buy a house, and although it is not ideal, we are making do with what he have for now. We understand that other people live around us, and that we cant expect things to be completely silent all the time, or the way we want it to be. But we also respect our neighbors, and we are never loud or obnoxious. Everyone else seems to live by the same general rule of common courtesy. Its a pretty nice area, so we never have any problems... Well tonight I had just finished up Desperate Housewives, and was browsing on BNB, when I hear this loud noise and it wakes Erica up! I didn't know what it was, but was just trying to get her back to bed. My cousin lives next door to me, and she calls me and asks if I hear it, and we come outside. Someone has their music blasting!! I decide to go over and politely ask them to turn it down, so that it doesn't have to escalate to anything. (Also had to bring Erica out of the house since DH is at work still) I knock on the door and they dont answer. Then I see that someone is up on the patio (they are on the third floor) and I'm saying excuse me, trying to get their attention. They are completely ignoring us while peeking over the patio looking right at us!!! :growlmad: So my cousin (who is kinda :trouble:) starts yelling that it is rude to play music so loud, and late at night, and ignore us when we ask her to turn it down. So the girl says, "Well I guess I'm rude then". My cousin is like yeah you are! If you dont turn the music down I'm calling the cops, who also happens to be my boyfriend!! And the girl is like I dont give a sh*t! I was like look, you woke my daughter up, and I'm trying to get her back to bed. Please turn it down! So she shut her patio door, which quieted it a little bit, but was still loud. She was listening, so we walked back to our apartments and call our security for our apartments. They sent someone over there, and its quieter now, but I cant believe someone can be so rude! I wish I wouldn't have brought Erica over there, but DH is at work, and I couldn't leave her inside alone. Luckily things were fine tho. I'm going to call our management company in the morning and tell them about her... And now I cant get little missy back to bed. :hissy:

    Sorry for ranting, I'm just mad. :blush: Thanks if you read this far!!
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    That's really rude!
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    Hun thesa type of idiots are best to avoid just call the boys in blue and send them right over if there behaving way out of line and disturbing the peace

    My dh is also a police officer :) not so long there was a party facing my house
    they must of hired a real club dj , Mc , The works and dh was on nights
    The music was still going on after 3 Dj in the garden belive it or not and there was students playing football outside etc .......

    I never complained cause it was the girls 21st as there was balloons and banners
    started at 9 i was loving the music and found myself singing to michael jackson
    at 12.30 but when it got past 3 it got to much think it stopped round 4ish but when there living in the same building as this was for you then its like being at the party yourself and i would of spoken to them about it the next day especially after they was
    taking the mik by answering you back in a not so very nice manner


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