Supper early ovulation after a very early loss/chemical pregnancy?

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by Suggerhoney, Jun 2, 2020.

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    Hello ladies, I wasnt really sure where to write this being that my loss was so early so I hope this causes no offence and I apologise if it does.

    I'm looking for other womon that have had a very early loss or chemical pregnancy as its known?

    I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle at just 4 weeks pregnant.
    We decided we wanted to keep trying and once the bleeding started I started to look forward to trying again. I was disappointed tho when on day 7 of my cycle I had 2 very positive ovulation tests. Ovulation was confirmed on day 8 of my cycle via temping.
    I dont ovulate normoly untill day 12 to 14 with a 26 to 28 day cycle.
    But this cycle will only be about 22 days.

    My question is
    Do any of you know if this wud definitely be down to the chemical pregnancy?
    I'm really scared I'm going to keep ovulating to early from now on.
    AF shud be here on Thursday or Friday and Im gonna be so anxous about ovulating to early again.
    I'm 40 so I'm also worried its down to that but my ovulation has been normol up until now.

    Did this happen to anyone else and did ure cycles return to normol next time?

    I'm in that limbo at the moment of waiting for AF and then hoping and praying ovulation wont happen untill after day 11 so I'm in unknown territory.
    So thought I'd do a post and ask others how long it took for there cycles to go back to normol after a chemical pregnancy?

    I have had 2 other chemical pregnancies in the past but I wasnt doing ovulation tests or tracking back then. And my first baby I lost at almost 11 weeks but I didnt try to conceive after that untill a few years later.

    Any advice wud be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ladies
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