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*Taps foot*


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Apr 12, 2007
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Well as of about 2am this morning I am 40 weeks. C'mon then baby out you come!!!

Been having a lot of BH contractions, especially in the evenings. Nothing more than that at the moment though :/
Good luck hun I hope bubs arrives soon

:happydance: :headspin: :happydance:
fingers crossed your baby makes an apperance sooooooon!!!!!!!!
good luck sending lots of labour dust your way ******************
Awww hope bubs makes an appearance for you soon.
awwwww bless ya hun! hope bubbs comes out soon!!!
Nothing yet lol

People keep phoning/texting/emailing saying a) where is your baby? and b) can you not have it on this day/that day coz i've got plans already :rofl:
Just seen my midwife. Have been offered a "sweep" (aka a little poke of the cervix) on Saturday if nothing is happeneing.

Though I am a little grossed out that they do that here at home? I have a vision of the midwife poking me about whilst my OH is watching TV or something lol
they offered me a sweep but i had to go to a hospital... luckily it wasnt needed
My consultant did a sweep, for me when i went in to be assessed for early induction.

Didn't think i'd need to be induced following day as within 20 mins was getting mild contractions, unfortunately they stopped early evening lol.

Hope it works for u.

Hopefully u won't need it and lo will arrive b4.
4 days over now.... c'mon godamit! Yeah maybe a sweep will work, I'll be gutted if it starts then stops though!

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