Teething BF issue?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by cdj1, Jan 26, 2011.

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    LO is showing all the signs of teething (I think, this is my first baby) - red cheeks,drooling a lot, runny nose, grizzly at times....and lately he is just not breastfeeding well in the day, it almost seems he wouldn't eat if I didn't make him! This worries me! I go to feed him but before he even touches my boob he turns his head away, cries, goes stiff etc. This really upsets me! I try to keep calm while I let him have his paddy, and then eventually after much fussing, he does feed but sometimes gets distracted and turns his head away etc...
    I am concerned my milk will be affected but hopefully seeing as he is feeding lots at night, it wont hurt it? At night he wakes very frequently about every 2 hours for feeds but goes back to sleep well afterwards...

    Does this sound like a typical teething thing? Has it happened to anyone else? I am worried.

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    it sounds like a typical teething/developmental issue to me. My son was the same, he fussed about at the breast in the day but fed well at night when there were less distractions. My sister's LO is 4 months old and currently going through the same thing. try not to worry, the night feeds are the best ones for hormone stimulation (for keeping your milk up). My sister is getting engorged in the day and has expressed but only becasue she is going back to work next week). As long as your LO seems well hydrated and alert and is gaining weight then its OK :hugs:

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