I love test threads........They are fun to post to....:happydance:
:rofl: I dont do that...Yvanne Does that.....:dohh:
:blush: :dohh: I dont mean to I sware:dohh:
LMAO i'm not the only one who voted for a laugh!!!!

Was that you suzy wuzy?
:rofl: YEP! That was me. I voted for 4 because it looked so lonely with out 3.
what happened then? did you remove it and put it back???
I got a no post thing message then:wacko:

Anyways i voted for 2 'cos i wanted to :rofl:
:dohh: This has to be someting I am doing. I deleted one of my posts (completley removed it) cause some how when Type, it starts to post in the middle of me typing. then it posts it like 2 or 3 times. I went back and edited what I was trying to say as you can see on page 1 but now there is a second post left over that wasnt there before when I deleted a message.:wacko:

Slow down Suz....:rofl:

I talk that fast too...:wacko:

Anyways...I voted 4 because it looked lonely with out 3
:rofl: Time to borrow the handbook i think!!!
I noticed on another post that you hade posted like 3 or 4 times with a word added each time:rofl:
Wondered what the heck was going on!!!
Yeah. That one was weird. Made a note and reported it to SC Cause that was really weird. But starting to think I am typing too fast and hitting some odd random key? Dont know...
Lmao, bet SC set it up to make it do something daft whilst he is offline!!!
:devil: Silly SC.....Lets get Him....

Cause we know its not Suz's fault....:rofl:
Nope nope nope never ever your fault!!!

Bad bad boy SC making suz type rubbish!!!

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