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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by angelmummy, Jun 2, 2011.

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    hi all,

    I am thinking about taking my 2 sons who will be 5 and 2 by September to Thomas Land. Is it suitable for a 2 year old and are there things he could go on or will he be too small?? or is it more suited to my 5 year old.

    Would like opinions please from anyone who has been with their lo's.

    Thanks for your help.

    Marie x
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    I was going to go but was put off by the extortionate prices. A child under 3 years may only cost £ 2.50, but they obviously can't go in without their parents who would have to pay nearly £ 25 each. For a child aged 4 and above ( the age where children would appreciate and enjoy it most ) its £ 24 ! I think its a shocking amount of money and pure greed to charge so much for one day out. For the average family, once you have considered transport costs, food, drink and something from the gift shop you could have almost booked a weekend at the seaside.
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    We went a few weeks ago it can be expensive, we paid 19.99 online, at the gate it's 30pounds!!!!!! There's a few things for 2/3 year olds to do. Our friends has a 3 year old boy and he loved it. As soon as we walked in we went straight to Thomas land and didn't get out of Thomas land until 4 hours later!! DH and I were bored as our LO is young so she didnt really understand it.
    Eventually we got to the adults rides and had a little fun ourselves. Although one ride I wanted to go on broke right before it was my turn... So yeah I walked away from that lol it was fun, but not sure it was worth 40pounds for 2 adults!
  4. We went to drayton manor not too long ago. I don't have a two year old obviously but we did walk around thomas land to see if we could bring Jake when he's a bit older.
    I would say there's things to do for a 2 year old but they may get a bit bored. Depends on there temperament I guess.

    I however loved it :D
    I am a proper theme park junkie!

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