Tightness in chest



has anyone got this before ?

I was asmatic (sp) years and years ago when i was little, so i cant remember how it feels, but ive had it quite a few times, usually on the night whilst im in bed where my test feels tight and like i have to actually think about breathing to get a deeper breath in.

Anyone had similar ? Dont know if its related or not x
yep that's me right now. You gasp for air more when you are pregnant. Some woman notice some woman don't. Im sure it has to do with you're heart rate and blood flow increasing not to mention all you're organs are being pushed up and hormones.

Heres some links

ye im asthmatic and notice it aswell xxxxxxxxxx
It's fairly common for people to have asthma as a child, for it to go away and then come back in their late teens/twenties. There are more demands on your heart and lungs at the moment than usual. People with asthma usually have it set off by a trigger e.g. dust, cold, exercise, paint fumes, a virus, animals etc. Asthma symptoms occur when your trachea and bronchi (the tubes leading from your mouth to your lungs) tighten up and get narrower. Some people get breathless, some get wheezy and some cough a lot. Your GP can have a listen into your chest to make sure there's nothing else going on to make you breathless (asthmatics' chests usually sound normal with a stethoscope unless they're having an attack there and then) and if they think your asthma is returning, they can prescribe inhalers for you :hug:
Sounds horrid - hope you're feeling ok hun! :hugs:
I had this last night in bed it was horrible, i was really wheezy.

I also had asthma when i was younger, mine was more exercise based though with an allergy to dust and cats that still remains now.

I think part of my bad chest at the moment is due to not smoking for 2 weeks since i found out i was pregnant, my chest is clearing all the shit.

Hope ya feel better soon though hunni

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