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Told my boss..


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Sep 4, 2006
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Told my boss yesterday I was Pregnant.

With all the Dr's appointments for HCG tests and I have my second midwife appointment tomorrow I thought I'd better get it out of the way, before they think I'm going for interviews :lol:

When I started the job I made them fully aware that at some point I would try for a baby. And bearing in mind I've been here a year and a half and I'm 30 next year I don't think it was much of a shock.

He gave me a pay rise on monday for all my hard work (obviously doesn't realise I'm on here all day) so I felt a bit guilty.

He congratulated me and asked when I was due etc. He was really nice about it. I said I was only having 6 months off and I will be coming back to work as I can't afford not to.
He said that if I wanted longer it's no problem and they could give me work to take home or set up a computer at home for me to do some work.

Can't believe it went so well. I feel I can relax a little now :D

Just thought I'd share.

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oh thats wonderful honey, you have a good manager there who obviously recognises he has a good worker in you too...so pleased for you...bxox :dance:
Brilliant babe, that must be a weight off your mind! Glad he was so nice about it, what a lovely boss you have! :D

Now chill and enjoy it all :wink:
That is awesome. Glad that you have a Great Job! :D

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