TTC #1 - 100mg CLOMID and Ovulated late..

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    Hi ladies, I've been TTC for 3 years now.. I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 15. Three doctors tried convincing me to have a hysterectomy before the age of 17, But I refused it Obviously, haha. Anyways June 2011 I was put on Provera for the 10 days and then took 50mg CD5-9 and did not ovulate, so OB upped the does to 100mg and still did not ovulate; So I just gave up and said whatever I'm done. ( from 2011 to 2013 I still tried naturally, and nothing!:sad2:) My DH made me an Appointment to see my OB and to try again I did the ten days of Provera started :af: Sept. 14th started Clomid 100mg Sept. 16th (CD 3-7) AF stopped on the last day of Clomid. The same day AF stopped I had a massive amount of Clear egg white consistency CM. ( What the heck ? ) Anyways. Took an OPK and it was a :bfn: . Oct. 2nd I had Brownish red spotting for just a few hours and thats it, I Became crampy and my breast became sore. ( still doing OPKS and all Negative. ) Sept. 6th took a PT and it was a :bfn:(even knowing I never got a Positive OPK... I just had to be sure, haha. ) On Oct. 7th I got a :bfp:on an OPK ( I noticed a little cramping and again clear egg white consistency CM so I was like OKAY! testing time! lmao. ) I'm really hoping it took this time.. But I don't know why I had light spotting on the 2nd, and has anyone else Ovulated so late while on CLOMID? Any Clomid success stories pleaseeeee feel free to tell me! :D

    (Also I am on Metformin 50mg a day, do to being diabetic..)

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