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Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by Hannah_B, May 13, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    First time writing in any forums, I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks 2 weeks ago, and I really want to TTC as soon as I ovulate, I have always been 28 days regular and ovulating on CD13, I was TTC for 6 months until I used vitex I got pregnant the next month. After miscarrying I thought I would start vitex again as it helped me get pregnant and I also thought ill try taking MACA ROOT supplement as its known to help with conceiving and I took dong quai as well. I don't know if these combinations have anything to do with my wacky cycle this month, but as shown on my BBT chart I had a temp dip on CD12 and I felt my body gear up for ovulation inc EWCM, I can feel my ovary is swollen as well, it's CD16 now and its unusual for me to still have not ovulated yet and I am so worried I messed up my hormones and I can feel the egg trying to release. Has anyone ever experienced this and what could be happening to my body?

    I have uploaded my BBT chart as well.


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