Tubal Reversal ladies, just moved from WTT!!!

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    Aug 29, 2013
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    Hi Angie,
    Those boys of yours are precious!!
    I had almost forgotten about this site with Kye keeping me so busy but for some reason out of the blue I thought about it after getting in bed and decided to check it out.
    Just like you Angie it got me through many trying times and im very thankful for everyone on here.
    Kye was 3 in September. Hes almost non verbal. Hes picking up a few words. usually mocking. Hes went through about 6 months of the first steps program then started preschool and goes 3 hrs 4 days a week and its helped him so much. hes fixing to start more speech therapy once a week on Fridays.
    Hes non stop and keeps me so busy! You cant take your eyes off of him cause hes a thrill seeker and always trying something.
    The regular drs and therapists do not believe its autism but more of him being spoiled and give everything without having to ask for it. keep in mind he has 3 older siblings married so its like 3 extra sets of parents. Then my 2 grandbabies are older than him and everyone does spoil him. We are trying really hard not too. Hes such a sweet loving child. Always happy and that makes it hard for us not to give him what he wants.
    Hopefully this other therapy helps. Hes extremely smart otherwise. He does come off with very hard words here and there like rainbow, thank you, bubble guppies etc but wont say them consistently and acts very bashful when he does.
    Thats why we are starting this other therapy. They said there is also a condition where some children wont speak because they dont want anyone else to hear them. He has said most of his stuff with no one watching but we could hear him from the other room.
    I hope and pray he does well and gets to talking.
    Its extremeley stressful sometimes when he cant tell us whats wrong or what he wants.
    Hope everyone ia doing well!
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    May 11, 2013
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    Lawson, I didn't know Kye was non-verbal. He seems like such a bundle of joy! He looks to be very intelligent to me and I wouldn't worry so much about his speech. He will probably just take right off, or maybe he will just be one of those rare people that doesn't need to hear themselves speak all day. He is a very beautiful boy! My two are 19 months coming up. It's so hard to believe. The time just flies by. Some days I think about going back and trying once more, but so far I haven't actually put forth the effort. Life has been so hectic this year though and another baby in this chaos would just be insane. My anxiety has been acting up this last month and with Daniels Mama dying from Covid complications and just general fear, I stay away from thoughts of babies most days. My son and DIL are living with us until they get a job her after he got out of the Army and arrived here early May. It's a busy house for sure with 3 babies under 2. My 16 year old nephew also lives with us. My house is bustling.. I try to check out this forum ever so often to see if anyone updates on their life. I been apart of this thread since about a year or two after it started under a different name at first. The worst part about forums is that sometimes you never know how the story goes. I am glad I get to watch some of your lives unfold so that you all become a small part of my own personal story. Praying for everyone to get their babies still!

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