Up To Anything Good Today?


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Aug 31, 2006
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I've loads of washing to get done *sigh* but I've had a nice sleep so I should fly through that then probably some TV or a DVD later this evening Ooooo or a game on the Wii :twisted:

What you guys up to?
I'm bored like usual :roll: Playing Pokemon Fire Red on my gameboy advance emulator :lol: Not dressed yet either ^_^
Washing like u :roll:

Im skint cant afford to do anything :cry:

Waiting on my pataks indian banquet its in the microwave just now-yummy :D
dont think we are doing much, we have just had a viewing on the house so we spent all morning cleaning!

We will prob take the dogs to the park later and let the kids have a run about.

Ethan has a party at the lesuire center for 2 hours so i will be hitting the gym then.

im just up :oops: well Adele had us up all night coughing and being sick :cry: so she finally went to sleep at 9am so me Colby and OH all went back to bed aswell :lol: :lol:

but going food shopping later need to see if OH's brothers girlfriend can come sit with Adele for a wee while first
Im off sick with bad af pains and feeling sorry for myself. OH is downstairs with his mate playing with their remote control cars!! Men never grow up. :lol:
Seren spent the night at her nanny's last night so had a major lie in. It was fab :)

We are going shoe shopping for Seren to get her first pair so she can walk outside, and then just visiting family.
Actually, am i doing the washing too, but that doesnt require much, lol. We're lazy and dont iron ^_^ Most stuff comes out of the tumble dryer fairly uncreased anyway. Still fold it all :lol:

*goes back to playing pokemon*

Haha, i'm so sad ^_^ Still, i was of the pokemon generation
I am thinking about painting my fireplace today.....But cant decide.....Just woke up....... :oops:
I have had two lots of visitors to see Frankie Lou today both sets with toddlers. I had forgotten what whirlwinds 1-2 years olds can be. Now relaxing before putting Jonny in the Bath. OH is at the Match.
im having anight out im going bowling sad i no but a girl night out yeah
Worked until 2.30, then went for my dress fitting, bought home my vail and tiara !! :D (yay!)
Cooked tea, bathed jamie, now hoping to sit down for 5 minutes !!!lol
We went dunelm got some new cushions (i have an obsession with them) then we went for dinner at a havester.
Marks asleep right now cos he has paid for the boxing an its on at 2am :roll: men!
Im bored!

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