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Feb 21, 2007
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hello everyone, sorry i haven't been around much this week, the kids are on holiday and I don't seem to have had a minutes peace :wacko: .

How are you all, I see Layla and Wobbles are coming along nicely :happydance: , I hope you are all well.

My midwife came on Tuesday morning for the booking in appointment. I swear that with every child our maternity notes seem to get bigger and bigger, eventually they will be supplied with a lever arch folder ! lol. But everything was easily understood, nothing much has changed and she gave me my hospital appointment for my scan on the 26th June. I'm really looking forward to it, i'll be 11 weeks at the time.

So what's people's cravings been for? either bizarre or normal. I had a water infection a couple of week ago (highly irritating may I add !!) and I started to drink Cranberry and applejuice mixed together (cranberry on its own makes me pull a face like a wrinkly old woman lol) and now I can't get enough of it. I'm drinkin about 4 pints a day of it ... do you think thats okay? I meant there can't be that many calories in it and I dont eat much fruit, so surely the fruit juice is good for me. And the other thing I cant do without is Popcorn. Pretty much every evening i go through a whole packet/bowl to myself. Not the butter stuff, the plain and then I sprinkle Splenda on it for sweetness. mmmmmm, think I might have to go get some now :)

Anyway, I've rambled enough ... hope you are all well
x x x
:hi: Hi hun

Glad your well!

I've not really pin pointed any craving just I seem to have a sweet tooth & I usually don't!

Glad to see you have had your booking appointment - Haven't given me mine yet!!! Have my 12 week dating scan next Friday, bet you can't wait for yours - I've been addicted to the doppler for the now lol

Hi Naimi,

Glad to hear your doing ok :) good news about your scan date!

im craving sweet things, mostly jam and strawberrys, all dairy things im finding, yoguerts, cream cakes etc not good for teh wasit line lol


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