Vitex 1000 ( Chaste tree)

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    Hi ladies, I am not sure if any of you remember me when I joined here. So I will give you all a quick rundown about me again.
    I am 33yrs old Married and have 3 beautiful sons 10 1/2yrs, 9yrs and 7yrs.
    On March this year I got my tubes reversed, I really want another baby ( would luv a little girl, but would be blessed with either sex) anyway, my Gyno says, my right tube isn't that good, and infact isn't sure if an egg could get through ( You can have a test, but he says there is no point because if anything is found, it can't be fixed and it is painfull) However my left tube looks great. Well it has been 5mths and still no luck ( I used to fall pregnant soooooooo easy). I know 5mths isn't long, but when I have wanted this for so many years, if feels like a lifetime.
    Anyway I have been told it can take a awhile for my body to get back into the swing of things, since it has been nearly 7yrs since I clamped my tubes.
    I was told about Vitex 1000 ( chaste tree) and was told it is really good at getting your body back into shape and helping you conceive.
    Has anyone heard about this product and what do you think???.

    Thankyou in advance
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