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    Imogen was breast fed for the first 5 weeks then for various reasons she was combine fed for 3 days and for the last 6 days she's exclusively ff. since she starterd bottles she's been spitting up a bit but the last couple of days she has been vomiting most of what she's taken! some times she'll take all her bottle then projectile vomit most of it an hour or so later and other times she fusses after each ounce so i stop to wind her and she'll bring back the ounce she just took.
    Do you think it could be the wind causing her to vomit? She always does real big burps, usually before i even start patting her, but then still fusses when I give her bottle back!
    She's gained 15 1/2 ounces this week, her usual gain before ff was 5 ounces a week
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    Im no expert but I didn't want to R&R. I would guess its not easy on their systems to go from breast milk to formula...or from one type of formula to another for that matter. I have a friend who has slowly been switching her baby over and she is having the same issues with formula, lots more throwing up and gas, shes been a lot more fussy etc.
    Both my babies puked a lot one combi fed and one exclusively breast fed. When Charlie is gassy he pukes a lot more I would assume from all the straining and pushing to get the air out

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