Want expert help to get back in shape after the birth?

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    Hi Bumps!

    I’m looking for a woman who is eight months pregnant who would like to work with Fabulous magazine doing a post-baby diet and fitness programme to show how real women get back into shape safely and realistically after having a baby.

    We would like to follow your progress over the next nine months while you follow a professionally prepared nutrition programme combined with a sensible exercise plan arranged by a fitness expert.

    Pictorially, we will need to photograph you in very basic, simple underwear when you are eight months pregnant and then over the next nine months to show how your body shape changes.

    We will be in regular contact with you to discuss how you feel about your changing body shape, how your attitude to your body changes, what the hardest / easiest parts of the plan are etc.

    There is also a fee involved for the lady we end up working with.

    If you are interested in doing this you'll need to be reliable and committed to sticking to the diet and fitness plan and willing to be named and photographed over the course of nine months for a final reveal feature in Fabulous magazine in early 2010.

    Please contact [email protected] to discuss this further or to express interest by including your name, contact number and a recent photo of yourself.

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Anna Fox
    Features Writer
    Fabulous Magazine

    07789 511771

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