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Was your baby born on time?

iv voted
holly was 7 days late weighing 9lb 15oz
robyn was 1 day late weighing 8lb 4oz
sam was born 1 day late weighing 7lb 6oz
Sam arrived on his due date, but only cos I was induced as I hardly had any fluid left. I think I would have gone way over otherwise.
Elliot came early-and he was my first. due on the 19th but came on the 16th!

(good job too-it meant i didnt get to be induced which im really glad about!)

Went into labor on EDD had her the next day
Carly was born on her due date , ella was planned c-section 2 weeks before :)
Daniel came 3 days early EDD was 14 Jan. he came on the 11th.

Dec was also 3 days early EDD was 1 Nov. Planned section booked for the 30th Oct. but he decided to break his waters on the 29th and was born via emergency section.
Maddi was late! I was due on the 22nd June, went into labour 7days late and she was finally born 9 days late! and she made sure she put on extra weight during that time!! 9lb 3 and half! :rofl:
I think Dylan is the latest baby so far! He was 17 days late!! He was obviously much too happy in my tummy because even all the inducing the hospital threw at him didn't budge him - he had to be surgically removed!!! :dohh:
Sharlotte was born on MY estimated due date, based on my known date of conception, and she was born one day before her doctor estimated due date based on my LMP.
My EDD delivery date from last period was 18th august but when I had my scan they told me 24th august. My waters broke on 18th august and Salim was born on the 19th august. So he was either right on time or early lol
I was due on th 8th of June and Toju came on the 5th of June...so 3 days early.
Skyler was born one month before his due date. He couldnt wait to come and see his mommy and daddy!

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