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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by marley2580, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Now that Kaya knows how to put a DVD I am having to sit and watch the same couple of DVDs over and over. If I hide them, she just finds a few others to watch. I struggle to even turn off the TV as she's figured out how to switch it back on! So do they grow out of this or am I stuck watching Toy Story 2 and Elmo's Christmas Countdown on repeat?:coffee:
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    I have the opposite problem she wont entertain the tv at all! i put childrens channels on, in the night garden etc and she just isn't bothered she's constantly on the go playing with her toys and following me round the house!

    My sisters kids however are obsessed with the tv/dvds and she has them on all day every day, she's just found other ways to entertain herself like browsing the internet! at least you get more free time to be on here or doing the chores haha
  3. Serene123

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    Hide the DVD player?

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