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We did it!!!!!


Mum of 2 pg with no3!
Sep 4, 2006
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:lol: I had the bestest day of my life i can honestly say ive never been more happy, well part from havin Kai! We got married at 11.40 when i got out the car MY HUSBAND cried his eyes out he said i looked beautiful. We had the ceremoney which was lovely i cried and then we had pics took and then we went to the hotel. We got blessed which was lovely, then had a meal during the meal we told DH about party he wasnt impressed but it sunk in an he was then fine and he had the time off his life!
I was really drunk an i feel like shit today :lol: aqnd my house is a tip who wants to come an clean for me :?:
Im so happy is unbelievable!
I cant believe its all over now though :( it went so quick, but i did take time an took a deep breath an took it all in!!!
IM A MRS!!!!!!
I will post pics shortly MIL on her way over with some so ill take pics of them an post them!

Sorry its so long

Congrats hunny, i am so glad you had such a fab day and can't wait to see piccies :D

Looking forward to the pics!!Glad you had the time of your life!
glad it all went 2 plan!!! and even better ur DH :!: liked the party :D
Aw, bless. You sound soooo happy. :D

Congratulations. Looking forward to the photos.
glad u enjoyed urself glad u had a ball remember it may of gone quick but u will be able to re celebrate this time again as u will have wedding annivarsarys :lol: :lol: :lol:
ooooh congratulations thats soooo awesome !!!!! so happy your day went rgeat for you xxx
Mrs. Sophie,

Im so glad you had a wonderful day. I remember the day after our wedding, I called it a Wedding Hang Over. (And it wasnt from Drinking) I know the day goes by so fast but you will never forget. We are still talking about our day and it has been a year and a half. I am so glad your husband liked the party. Sounds like you had a blast. Now you have all the Newlywed stuff to look forward too. I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!!!! :hugs: :hugs: Congrats!
A MRS YOU ARE :yipee:

Sounds like you had the day your deserve hun & the hangover deserved too :rofl: Can't wait to see pics :dance:
Congrats Hun!!!
It is a fantastic feeling isnt it, I still smile when i look at at my wedding band 4 months on!!!!
Good for you,you deserve it :D
YAY Congratulations hun :D :D

I can't wait for mine!
Yay congratulations! Glad you had a good day!

Cant wait for mine, although weve not even thought about it yet.
Ive said it twice but the third time's a charm so


Well done and good luck to the two of you!
I am so glad you had a good day!! I was thinking about you christmas eve and wondering how it all went!!

Congrats again MRS!!! x
Tam said:
I am so glad you had a good day!! I was thinking about you cristmas eve and wondering how it all went!!

Congrats again MRS!!! x

:D awwww how lovely of u to think about me! Thats made me smile!
Thanks Tam

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