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What did everyone get then??


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Aug 31, 2006
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I got flowers champagne and choccys

We've held off Valentines Day until Friday because we're watching footy tonight! lol.

Very romantic....what can i say :roll:
Well considering we had both said we wernt going to this year, we both did!

Although OH didnt spend any money he got me a really sweet present and made me a valentines compelation CD
With assorted love songs in my taste of music varying from Marvin Gaye to The Cult.
20 Tracks with stuff like 'The One I Love by REM, Your My Best Friend by Queen, I Feel You by Depeche Mode etc.

Best pressie I ever had :)
That is such a cool pressie. It means he really thought about what he wanted to say to you.

I got.......nothing! I hope he will come home with something!
i dont think i got anything cos well hes still in bed :roll: but i'll be surprised if i did :lol: I got him a card and hid it in his socks drawer so he aint got it yet :lol: :lol:
I just had a big bunch of flowers delivered (those that sit in the wrapping & water at the bottom) with some gorgous flowers - Oriental apparantly but the roses are gorgeousss they look deep deep red & velvet to touch not normal roses so I dunno but they are lovely with a balloon attached & of course my card :D

Its the first time my OH Has ever bought me flowers :p
Sounds lovely Wobbles!!

The roses sound like Black Bacara roses, i had them in my wedding flowers, they are gorge!


is that them?

Hard to tell - The red is alot deeper but pics can be disceiving (sp) - Will take a pic of them in a while :D
Jo-anne said:
im going to Dublin for two days yay x

thats so sweet, when are you going?!

Did you have any idea or was it a suprise?

I got my DH off work for the day, Two Brothers dvd (the cute tiger film) and a game called Okami which i've wanted since i found out it existed.

I got DH a load of yu-gi-oh card game booster packs. Sounds lame, but he loves playing that card game ^_^ I also got him some more, but they haven't come yet.
I got 12 red rosies!
I didnt get him anything oops didn't he would bother u see!
I got a huge cuddly lion and a lovely card with lots of cute pictures and script. Oh and I also got a big bunch of red roses and my IPod should be arriving tomorrow :D

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