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What did u do this weekend??


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Oct 28, 2006
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well i got arcriyl nail done this fri then had my brother fri to sat afternoon for a sleepover and then when town went shopping and had lunch with other best mate was lovely no men !!!
Slept, cleaned and went shopping. Came home with two DS games

Tomorrow, sleeping and relaxing.
Nothing :cry: dont get paid til Monday 8)
I'm having a good one so far

Went out on Fri night to local after my mate txt me at short notice, didn't get to pub 'til 9!!! strolled back in about 1 o'clock after forgetting OH needed to be up at 5 for work!!!! didn't take key with me lol

Last night we went to a Mexican restuarant with Emily for her grandmas birthday which was nice
In about an hour am going to White Rose for some retail therapy OH at fottie so my dad is taking me and OH won't know what i am spending :twisted:

Hmm can you tell he just got paid Lol :lol:
Will be rather glad when this weekend is over - Should be going to my mates next weekend but I may have to pass - My bank has fallen out with me :lol:
i was out on the razzle on fri!!! and spent most of sat hungover lol, and all of 2day being sick :( chloes bug is airly doing its rounds!!!
i went out to the bar friday night, had a great time dancing, and yesterday didn't really do anything, hung out at home lazily.. lol .. today.. same. i am boring lol
Ooo I'd be so scared :?

Payday today-woo hoo :lol:
This weekend i got depressed :roll:

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