What do you Call your OH


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Sep 15, 2006
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Just wondering. What do you call your OH. Do you call him/her by Name or do you use a pet name like Babe or Hun. I never call my hubby by name. Only Babe. Even when in an tiff. Think its funny to call him Babe when mad.:rofl:
I call my husband Maffy (his name is matthew) haha. I also call him darling and babe. xxx
Ive tried to call my husband by name and it is just weird. He said the same thing to me the other day. For fun, we tried to call eachother by name for one full day. It lasted about 30 seconds.
I call him babe or hunny .. or obviously call him Andrew sometimes but thats only when im angry :rofl:
What does he call you then?? Or shouldnt we ask :wacko:
:rofl: Trinity!:rofl:

Dont think I want to know either:wacko:
He doesnt call me anything lol, if he needs me then he'll just walk up to me and say what he wants to say.
:rofl: "Hey You":rofl:

That is what Im going to start call you from now on.....:rofl:
Darling is what I call mine he calls me sweetie
No not really is usually hun or just Ant
He usually calls me Love as in 'do you want a drink love' etc....
I call my OH a few diff things....

Christopher Bear
Bear Bear
Poo Bear
Poo Poo
Boo Bear
Stinky Poo
Big Poo
Sh*t Head
Poo Face
Lovely Bum

Lots of Poo & Boo's...........I don't say them being mean tho and I wouldn't use many of them in public......Its normally me shouting upthe stairs...."Do you wanna cuppa tea poo poo?" Next door probably think I'm crraaazzzzzzyyy!!
*They aint wrong!*
:rofl: Lil_Baby_Boo....Those are funny names. My hubby would flip if I called him Shit Head.

Layla....I think you have it easy with Jay. My husbands name is Dimitri....Dont know how to shorten that....I guess I could call him D.:dohh:
Tree is good. His mom calls him Dima......
Hey You!

If I called him Tree, would that make me a Tree hugger?:dohh:

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