what do you find hardest?

Getting Hannah down for her naps. She actually goes down pretty well at night but during the day it's like she's afraid she'll miss something. I generally have to hold her to get her to sleep for longer than 15 minutes :wacko:
i have trouble getting sam dressed as he hates it
plus giving him his antibiotics every night

I have problems getting Colton dressed too. He fights me. It's not so much getting his head in his shirts, but his arms. He will fight, try and bite the shirt, grab the inside of the sleeve and hold it so I cannot get his hand all the way through, and scream the whole time!! It's getting even worse since it's colder and he wears more long sleeves!
Like right now he is naked. :rofl: Unless we go outside he tends to just wear a diaper! He gets so mad anytime I try and get him to put some clothes on.

I'm also finding it really hard getting him to sleep on his own, and in his own bed. But thats my fault, not his, because I let him cosleep. (I'll never do that again!)
I really do not know what Im doing, even after 4 months, I feel like Imc onstantly asking people what to do. And its really hard and starting to get me down.

However apart from that, Seth has started having tantrums when he is strapped into his buggy or carseat, and also when Im dressing his top half.

Other than that, he's a very easy, well behaved baby :) Ive been really lucky with him.

I'm finding it hard to cope with getting such little sleep, and the fact that the night time sleeping is so up and down. One night she' sleeps really well and another night she doesn't; I end up having to put her in bed with us just so I can get some sleep.
OMG I think I have the opposite problem - my son loves to sleep (thank God), however he HATES changing his diaper/clothes and eating! I literally have to put on the beginning song of The Backyardigans or certain parts of PLay with me Sesame in order for him to eat. And if he gets tired of that, daddy or grandma has to come in with toys to wave around him! He's 10 months old, and his weight is in the 37th percentile, and height is in 97th, and this is with our lunch & dinner time battles!! A lot of people have told me to just stop when he starts fussing, but I'm sure his weight will drop even more!
you all sound like your doing wonderful jobs to me :) go mummys :happydance: :hugs:
sarah88 - i found the lack of sleep really hard when she was first born, but it soon got really better and within a few weeks maddi was sleeping through the night, so hang in there honey :hugs:
i'm really lucky too, maddi's a really easy baby, but for me the hardest thing is getting out on our own! there's so much stuff they need and i probably rely way to much on my mum and OH :dohh: i'm lucky for the support too though
i find it hard keeping up with callum now! the last month or so he has turned from such a good little boy into a nightmare!!!!!

you have to chase him to get his clothes on, change his bum etc... He has started throwing things. He hates being put down for a nap. the list goes on......
im really lucky i have no problem putting jack to bed. he is having a growth spurt at mo so isnt sleeping as long.

my problem is putting him in the car seat he goes mad and hates the car and it takes me ages to calm him down x
Its early days, but night time is worse at mo. hes still confused about day and night, and wakes up more at night!
I find it hard to be on my own so much. I'm not a single mum so I feel like I shouldn't have to be on my own all the time. But OH does split shifts and works a half an hr drive away so he usually has 2 hrs tops a day with Ally (half an hr in the morning, and hr between shifts and half an hr at the end of the day sometimes). But he's nackered when he does have time with him.

Really Ally is an incredibly easy baby. It gets easier every day :)
Same here ladies, getting Rihanna to sleep after her 10pm feed is a challenge n a half and she doesnt generally settle till 1am, then awake at 2am for her next feed.

I am a single mummy too and its challenging... mum as help me a few nights with her but she goes back to work on monday so i am alone again as cant expect up through the night and at work all day so on Monday the real challenge begins ... xx
Well,so far Lola-Rose is such a good baby,an awesome newborn.She slep so well,she fed perfect and hardly cried.
But now she's apparently being gassy and is crying a lot,poor thing :cry:
So I'm having a hard time soothing her and getting her to sleep...
I also have a LO that fights going to sleep. We can battle for up to 2 hours. We have also noticed that if she fights us for a while she'll wake at 1230 and then 4.30 for a feed but if she goes down without a fight she'll go straight through to 4.30 before waking up.

That was until recently when she has been teething and has been waking up every 2 hours for some comfort. She has been totally bunged up every evening and we can hear all the gunk at the back of her throat, its so bad that she has to sleep on her side, as as soon as she goes on her back she wakes up and screams. I feel so sorry for her :(
I find the hardest thing probly still not having enough sleep when hes nearlly 6months old getting in and out of bed all night and his colic and reflux so he still crys alot but hes slowly getting better xx
When I'm ill or having a bad day or there is a lot on my mind I find generally taking care of Pierre hardest. He picks up on that there is something wrong and tends to play up. I dread ever having the flu and having to take care of him. Especially then knowing he'd catch it too so then I'd feel guilty.

I also find it hard at night when I'm really tired if Pierre won't settle. Mostly he's really good though at bed time. He does tend to go to bed really late though. He's got stuck in a routine of going to bed at 11 or 11.30pm and it's difficult bringing it forward.
oh yay

the fact that Maiya has colic and even though I know theres a massive burp in there I cant get it out

sleep omg so tired knew that we would be but didnt know how tired

the fact that getting dressed isnt even on the cards nevermind plucking my now massive eyebrows.

but I wouldnt change it for the world my daughter is amazing (even with the dreaded colic cry)
the fact that getting dressed isnt even on the cards nevermind plucking my now massive eyebrows.

I know what this is like, I almost forget to brush my hair when we do go out :dohh:
The constant nightfeeds.
The short catnaps during the day.
No sleep for me and my husband does not understand how tired I am and why I havent had time to do all the laundry and clean the house and, and, and....,
i find the fact that my LO doesnt sleep in his own bed the most difficult thing, i share the same problems as a lot of ladies have said, he wakes up straight away when something is not moving. he only naps in the day in his swings or in arms which i used to do til i got the swing. at night he may go down in his crib but will wake 20 min later.and ends up sleeping with me every night. on the flip side when hes in the crib for those twenty minutes i feel nervous and DH has to give me a hug so i can shed some tears, i dont know what that is all about, i really never thought i was a softie like that!
So i miss sleeping next to my husband and i know he feels like a 3rd wheel sometimes and i know it isnt good for our marraige. he is so supportive and hardly ever complains.
i also know that if i was more persistence or let him cry it out a bit then i could get him to go down in the crib which is right next to my bed.
The other thing i find very difficult is the paralyzing fear that something would G-D forbid happen to me and my baby wouldnt have me. i try not to think about that.
The hardest thin for me is seeing my son in pain weather its teeth or gas ..I cant stand that I cant help him

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