what do you find hardest?

I hate fighting Bren to sleep as well. I now wait for him to tell me he is tired. He has 3 tired signals, rubbing his eyes, yawning and getting cranky. So once he does 2 of the 3, I then nurse and rock him to sleep. It has made things much easier on me. I spent 3 hours one night trying to get him to sleep before he was ready. Now I can get him down in 20-30 minutes.

I find his waking up and waking up and waking up at night really hard right now. I know he is hurting due to the reflux, and it just makes me feel horrible I can't do more to make him feel better.

Maya gives all the signs of being tired but I think she just likes to fight it for some reason!!!

Chloe is the same, its the hardest thing for me, getting her to sleep when she obviously needs it but she just wont do it!
:blush:My LO is a gem. She is colicy but that is fixable. I feel for all you ladies who suffer lack of sleep :hugs:
not 'knowing' what to do, say when she cries. i think i lack the instinct!!!!! so i feel like i'm not doing the job of mum well enough.
The hardest thing for me is waking up for night feeds and getting Toju to settle back to sleep on his own if he wakes at night for any reason.....whenever i wake up in the night for him, i find it hard to go back to sleep immediately and by morning i'm shattered.

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