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Hey Girlies,
I'm sorry to be a pain, i just don't know what to do with myself today.
Am 10DPO today, which as i had a 9 day luteal phase last month AF should be here today?
Is that right - or is it possible to have a varying luteal phase??
From what i've read its the same and stays the same?
Am i getting it soooooooooo wrong?

Today i have been


Yesterday i had baaaaaad cramps, but not today???

I just feel so blergh! Am currently listening to Christina Aguilera, Beautiful and having a cry..... Although after i was sick before G did come up and say i'm so pretty! :oops:

Thanks for listening/reading!!

The signs sounds promising but i wouldnt want to get your hopes up!

I think a LP can vary by a day or two. Ive had a 9 day one before but my average is 12 days,
wouldnt like to say either way hun, but wanted to give you a hug


Thanks for your quick reply hun! *hugs*
Feeling so much more hormonal than i have done for a long time!
I don't want to get my hopes up either!

Did a cheapy test was a BFN... did squint at it for quite a bit though!! lol!!

Thanks for saying that about luteal phases AG :D

Defo won't get my hopes up now! AF normally arrives in the night... so she normally would've been here last night... ready to upset me when i woke up this morning!

Feel a bit better knowing that though! All i need now is to stop being sick, and just did my temp cos i didn't feel good and was 37.01... hmmmmm

Hope its that high in the morning! lol!!!

Thanks for hugs Layla,
greatly appreciated!!
Poor Wobbles is getting my hormones via MSN!!
Awwwwww Hun (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

Are you feeling any better?

Yes the luteal phase can vary from how I undersand it babe...........I also don't want to get your hopes up, but I really have everything crossed for you babe!!! xx
Thanks Tam!
Hugs are appreciated!! lol!!
Have just done a massssssive post got lots of tears out....
And then one of the replies has made me cry more! lol!!!

Hormonal wreck... bet AF arrives now i've got that all off my chest!!!

Bang away on that keyboard babe!!!!!!!!

Try and keep positive babe, and hope you feel better very soon!

Where's the post? I have not long been on......... xx
Oooo no-one has to read it honest.... its like War & Peace!! lol!!
Needed to get all my hormonalness out!!!

You're a strong woman hun (((((HUGS))))) xxxx

I have to stop hugging you LOL!! :wink: xx
hehe i feel bad cos everyone who's read it has cried!!
(imi's just come upstairs crying to give me a hug!!!)

Arcanegirl said:
*prizes tam off halyey so i can get in*


Awwwwwwww Hayley...............Imi.............

"Move over Arcanegirl, we need a" ****Group HUG****
Crikey hun maybe the tears will mean joy buut keep neutral won't you I know you've been feeling a littlw low going on one of your other posts & we all have the right & need to let our feelings out sometimes.

Baby dust

Thanks hun!!
Feeling a bit better today - hormones are all over the place and not slept for 24 hours after ending up in hospital last night with maddie again..
Poor Maddie and her evil viral infection!
So not slept for 24 hours now so head is wrecked....

Am off to bed now though!!


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