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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by jr1, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Basically im 35+1 weeks, was admitted into maternity ward on wed night with contractions every 10 mins, they started at 5pm and went on until 3 am, were really rather painful. Had back ache and tummy cramps with it. They gave me 2 very strong co-codamaol which seemed to stop/slow down the contractions. I was sent home yesterday lunch time as my contractions had become irregular and eased a bit. Today im having quite a few braxtons, which some feel really quite uncomfortable. My back ache has started again?
    This last week i have gone mad cleaning, sore nipples(sharp pains in breasts) and swollen bits (sorry tmi!!) My son was born at 36 weeks last time so could I be close? One conasultnant said I was in latent phase, another said false labour and another said not labour. They did an internal which they said my cervix isnt/ wasnt doing anything. I dont know how long to leave it this time (im group b and previous c section)
    is it labour or what is false labour and how long do I go like this for? Its tiring!:wacko:
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    I've no idea hun... sorry.. Prehaps give the mat unit a ring and see what they suggest??


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