Whats your favorite thing right now?


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Sep 27, 2008
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What can't you live without right now?

For me its my new pair of maternity work pants, rennies(antacids) and my bed!:sleep:
My doppler - since having a placental bleed on Monday, it's keeping me sane until the next scan in 11 and a half days by showing me the heartbeat is still there. Oh, and I love my maternity trousers as well - sure I could fit my OH into them too if I really tried, but they're so comfy! And my husband - he's being a real gem at the moment :happydance:
Hubby is being a star :)
My other fave things are my bed,number 1!!
And my comfy pj's!!!
my bed and erm my bed hehe my oh says i keep rolling myself up in the whole duvet though lol
this quilt I've had since I was a kid. I snuck it out of my parents house last week and I've been wrapped in it ever since!
my OH.. he has been great!!!! that plus icey poles :) i LOOOOOOVE them hehehehe :) also got massive cravings for Tuna sushi :)
Id have to say preggie pops and mint candy , my bed and my comfey pjs , hubby too when he isnt working , I hate when he is at work I feel neglected :( Im very needy lately .
Mine has got to be my bed, my OH Ant and Cravendale milk! Cant get enough of the stuff!
Crackers, my bed, my gaviscon tablets, extra strong mints and lemonade!!
Peanut butter on toast, early nights and non stop looking at my first scan pic!
My black leggings, my hubbies big t-shirts and my pillows.
Definately my bed,pjs and comfy clothes x and me mum and dad, theyre real stars ! :)
got to be water and my bed at the mo as i cant seem to eat anything lol! but wen i can its crumpets hehe x

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