when did u all first

I felt mine bang on 19 weeks and OH felt it the next day :cloud9:
16 weeks for lil flutters and first kick at bang on 18 weeks :) XxxX
I felt little one move for the first time properly last week :) (17 weeks)
Ohhh i voted wrong lol ... I voted for this pregnancy not my first lol .
My first was 18 weeks hun . xx .
I felt little flutters at around 16 weeks but nothing proper till about 21 weeks xx
Flutters felt at 14 weeks, but proper kicks at 20 weeks due to anterior placenta.
Deffo felt something at 16weeks and then i have felt movements NON-Stop since 20weeks
first kicks at 18 weeks. I thought i felt flutters before but Im not so sure.
I felt popcprn pops very early on (about week 14) then noticable kicks around week 17/18 and now at 23 weeks, I can see him move from the ouside.
With my first pregnancy, I didn't feel anything until around 20 weeks. Well I wasn't for sure that was what I was feeling until then. With this one, I haven't felt anything. But I am only 14 weeks.
well i felt something a few times before 16 weeks but felt first definite kick at 16+2 then felt from the outside and saw bump move the day after so 16+3

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