When trying to be nice just gets to be annoying!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by TMonster, Oct 1, 2013.

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    DH suffers from terrible insomnia. It isn't Zoe that keeps me up most nights, its him!
    2am, I am asleep, he comes to bed and it wakes me up. I ask him what time it is, he doesn't know so I check my phone. It's 2am, I tell him I need to sleep, I have a doctors appointment in a few hours. He says okay. 15 minutes later he asks if I am up for going out to eat!

    I tell him I have a doctors appointment and I need my sleep. He says oh right. Now I try and find a comfy position and of course Zoe is kicking up a storm and I have to pee and then its too hot. Okay, time to get up I guess.

    He asks me if we have anything defrosted I can make for him. He is on Atkins so I tell him the only thing we have is bacon and I took out 2 chicken breasts for his dinner earlier but they are still frozen in the fridge.

    I told him if he feels like walking over to the store I will prepare something for him. He says okay, he is gonna walk over to the store and he asks me if I want anything. I said no but he insisted that he will be walking past mcdonalds and knows that I like their fish sandwiches. I told him I wasn't up for fish but I wouldn't mind if he picked me up some fries.

    I am not normally a french fry person. I've probably eaten them twice throughout this pregnancy and when I do get fries I never eat more than 3 or 4 before I am sick of them.

    He said okay.

    At 2:45 I ask him if he was still going to the store and he said in a few minutes, he was just finishing something in his game. I said fine. At 3 I asked him again and he said he killed 2 out of 3 things and was about to go. Okay.

    I realized at around 3:30 he wasn't going anywhere. I got up, had an apple and a slice of multigrain toast with butter and a bit of honey.

    At 4am, he can see me eating and he says I'll be heading out to get you your fries in about an hour.

    I told him not to bother, I was no longer hungry. He said he will get me some groceries from the store then. I told him I can pick up the stuff I needed after my doctors appointment and he didn't need to go out.

    5am comes around and he is getting dressed. He tells me he is going to get my fries. I told him I am not hungry and I think McDonalds switched to breakfast anyway and is no longer serving fries. So he asks me to call and see if they still have fries. I told him my phone is in the other room and I don't want fries. I mean I really don't want freaking fries!!!

    He doesn't want anything for himself, doesn't go to the grocery store but goes out to McDonalds and comes back with freaking hash browns!!! Why? Because they have no fries because its after 5am!!!! I don't want fries, I don't want hash browns, I have a doctors appointment soon and I really didn't feel like eating anything greasy or heavy!

    He comes back with 2 hash browns and an order of chicken nuggets! Chicken nuggets? Because he decided that I needed more protein. Ummm... I didn't want to eat anything and I certainly dont want chicken nuggets and now he thinks he is the greatest husband in the world for going out at 5am because his wife had a freaking craving for french fries and I just have to take it and smile and say thank you and throw this s*it out because I don't want it!!!

    I am not hungry, I don't want greasy stuff this morning! And then after he hands me the bag with the stuff I didn't want because he is so amazing after all he tells me that he really needs to get some sleep before work!!!

    It would have been nice if I had gotten some sleep in the first place but I can't sleep again once I am awake!

    The last 3 doctors appointments I've had they've been worried about me because I am going in with circles under my eyes and migraines and I look like a zombie because I am getting no sleep.

    But then again who needs sleep when I have the not french fry - hash browns that I didn't freaking want in the first place and a husband who is now getting the sleep I should have gotten!!!

    And of course if I go into the bedroom and even attempt to sleep for the last hour I have left he is going to wake me up again!

    Wow... okay... I am done ranting.

    This is the result of being pregnant and hormonal with no sleep!
    Oh, and a bag of grease!
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    i know your annoyance with the sleep thing. my OH doesnt do it every night though thank go because he works nights half the week (thank god) so i get to go sleep when i want and wake up when LO gets up atleast half the night.
    with my OH though its not insomnia though, he just doesnt want to leave his games. he will get into them then not realise the time, come to bed at some point between 2am and 4am and expect sex! i normally shout at him for waking me then turn around and spend 3 hour trying to get to sleep again.

    im sorry you have to do that so often though, i dont think i would copee if OH didnt work nights half the week so i can catch up on lost sleep
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    OMG. You're a sweet and patient woman. I would go all out nuts on my DH if he pulled anything like that. I'm better, mood-wise, at not getting enough sleep than he is, but because he is such a bear when he doesn't get a "good 8 hours worth of sleep" I have very little tolerance for inequality for respect for my slumbering lol.

    Alas, it is baby, hot flashes, peeing and moods that keep me up. I'd really like some fries now...

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