Whens the best time to have a 4D scan?



As title just i phoned the skan studio earlier and the lady reckons earlier the better as theres more room!But i thought later would be better so now im confused!
The one were getting from Ultra Baby is anything from 24 - 36 weeks, my sis went at 26 weeks and the dvd and photos are absolutely great.

I'm gonna book mine for when i'm about 26 weeks, just before Christmas x
ive seen some really good ones at 29 weeks. i think thats when Im going.
as close to 27 weeks i've heard
I went at 29weeks and mine are crystal clear pic's :) XxX
I had mine done at about 29 weeks and they turned out great!
I've got mine in 10 days. I'll be 27 weeks then:0) I wanted to book it later but I was told the same best at 26-27weeks.
Everybody says 27 or 29 weeks so go for the middle and get one at 28 weeks to be sure lol
i went at 19 weeks and the woman said that was the best time cos u can get more of the baby in one pic and the baby still looks like a baby if u know what i mean

she might just of been sayin that though cos tbh if she had been sayin how much better it woulda been for me to go later i dont think id have been too impressed haha

Most of the websites I looked at stated that between 25-30 weeks is best.
I've got mine booked on the 20th, so I'll be 28+5 then. Hope they are good pics.
they told me between 27-28 weeks and so im booked in for 27+5 :) yay xx
Im going to get mine done when im 29-30 weeks... I thought the later you left it the better the pics will be as theres more baby to look at
I looked into this and was told we'd get much better images after 26 weeks.
when i had my private nucal scan i was told closer to 30 weeks as possible
i was told 26 weeks plus, the lady who is doing mine said if you get them any earlier the baby can look real skinny ect so im having mine at 26 weeks xx
We are having a 4D done on 25th October, we will be 28weeks then! And i've heard that it should be really good, and was recomemded to have it done between 26 - 32 weeks

C x
The sonographer at baby bond told me the best time was 28 weeks so that is when mine is booked in for :)
iv heard around 29 weeks is best, i aint having one though although i really want one i feel it wouldnt be fair because i didnt have one with brendan lol

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