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who watched jeremy kyle this morning?


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Oct 17, 2006
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my god, i was in bits... and by bits i mean in tears. It was so sad, even jeremy cried. The saddest one iv ever watched. Basically it was focussed on familes who lost people in tragic circumstances, the 2nd to last lady, her daughter was murdered, and her cousins son was also murdered, but he was 13 months old, and swung by his ankles and thrown down the stairs by the girls fella. sorry for the graphicness. It was devistating to watch them break down :( i hope he rotts in hell for all eternity. *******.:cry:
i missed it but have it on itv 2 just now but ned to go out so will prob not see the end, adelel has her easter bonnet parade at nuursery at 2pm so will be leaving in about 5 mins :(
Ohhhhh have a nice time adele!!!

takes some pics jean!
imi i only managed to get one pic of her on my disposable camera so need to get them developed hopefully next week as they are from colbys birthday aswell. were not allowed to take pics at school unless you send out permission slips to all the parents and if one says no then your not allowed to taek any pictures its shocking :( but at the same point in this day and age i can see why.

she had a lovely time they were all singing it was really cute hehe

sorry for spamming on your post hun

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