Wind problems - same time every night!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Badswan, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    My son (3 months old) goes to bed at about 9pm each night, he wakes about every 2 hours for feeds but then at about 4am every morning he gets windy and starts wriggling, farting and getting upset. He seems to struggle to fart and kicks and cries out in his sleep which wakes me - he often wakes himself up and has to be nursed back to sleep - the wriggles happen every 10-15 mins (sometimes less, sometimes more) and this continues all morning!! It must be something to do with being laid down/ asleep for such a long time but will he just grow out of it? We seem to have tried EVERYTHING - propping up our bed, baby massage, bath before bed, colief, infacol, giving up dairy (he is breast fed) and nothing seem to make a difference!!! Please help!!!
  2. punk_pig

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    My LO still kicks to get wind out but luckily it doesn't always wake her even if she's moaning.
    Are you able to get his wind up after each night feed? I ask because when my LO is sleepy she won't show me she has wind and it ends up travelling the other way...she is much better on the wind front now that she feeds less during the night.

    I think they do get better with age too as their bowels seem to bother them less and less.
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    Our LO's 4 months and she does the same thing, after her 3.30/4am feed, i'll put her down and she's grunt an wriggle for 5mins or less, then wake every hour until 6-6.30am when we get up.. it happen's even if i can get a burp up, we've also tried infacol, gripe water, laying her on her side, propping the cot up. Nothing seem's to work.
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    We have the exact same issue. Honestly, when I read your post it was like reading about George. I usually end up putting him to sleep in his vibrating bouncer for the last couple of hours of the night just so we can all get a bit more rest but even then it takes me forever to settle him. I actually dread that 4am feed as I know I will be up every half an hour from thrn on. I too have tried all the things you suggest including giving up dairy. I wish I had some answers, I have no idea why it happens at this time every night.

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