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Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by RedRose19, Feb 21, 2020.

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    Ladies just curious if anyone here just randomly started ovulating, when previously there was no signs or opks working then suddenly start ovulating? I noticed last cycle and this cycle both random in length I seem to have ovulated. No meds no change in diet recently. Before xmas I was on a no sugar diet and fell off the wagon xmas week til feb but started back 2 weeks ago.but lastcycle I was eating badly. So doesn't make sense why. I ovulated on like cd40 something. The only way know for sure is few days in a row I had ewcm (more and stretchy then I've ever even had before ) so I said I'd try a opk and it was so so positive and 12 days later my period came.
    Now fast forward to today I'm cd 21 same again with the ewcm but no positive opk.. yet anyway. So I'm wondering if it will happen again. But also given idea why suddenly now at29 my body appears to be working again. Anyone else ? Or is my body just messed up
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    Almost same thing happens to me yesterday but unfortunately Hubby is working away until Friday. Yesterday I saw EWCM I was so excited because other ladies always talk about this EWCM and I never had one before due to PCOS and I tested it was positive. Since January I started a diet and join a gym even though i haven't gone to it as yet I'm lazy to go but I am really discipline with diet i'm not sure if I am loosing because when AF is coming I tend to gain weight. I've notice with me that cycles changes, you need to test same time each day which if you tested today and it negative check the following day.

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