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wont sleep in her cot anymore :-(


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Sep 1, 2006
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Please tell me this is a phase and its normal! Ella has always been a good sleeper, we'd put her down at 7 wide awake, leave the room and she'd go to sleep without a peep. Its a different story now, as soon as we leave the room she screams blue murder no matter how tired she is, we have to lie on our bed with her til she fallls asleep then put her in her cot. If she wakes in the night she cry's and comes in bed with us, the past 2 nights she spent the whole night in our bed. she wakes and starts kicking me in the back lol.

She wants to be held all the time, very lingy, so think she's going through a phase of seperation anxiety. Has anyone else experienced this ? any tips ?
Maddie the same at the moment ....

She will only sleep if i put her on my bed ... lie next to her and let her fall asleep then have to lift her and out her back into bed.

After holiday im gonna start the "Cry for 5mins" calm her down back to bed routine .... hoping that will work.

Have you thought about a bed?? buy a baby bed for her, mum put me and my sis in beds at 6wks.

Hope gets sorted soon
I put chloe in a divan bed at a year and she slept through however I had hell at 18months with her in our bed for at least a year,but to get sleep i let it happen :oops:

good luck am sure is just a phase,although you could try getting a cassette or dvd player that tells a story at bedtime these are very good

Try a Divan or something lauz, might find it suits her better as she might find a cot very clostrofobic/restrictive ...

You never know ....

Gl Hun
Alana is being a bit like this, she doesnt want to be alone, wants to be in on every thing, and shes teething to, so likes cuddles alot more then usual.
Ewan is being like this, but i wont give in and let him in to our bed, we have a rule that its his bed and that is where he sleeps, we dont mind him coming in on a morning once he is awake, but we wont have him starting to sleep in our bed, hubby needs a good nights sleep as he travels long distances in his car most days so needs to be alert.

At the moment if he wakes during the night he will take a bottle of milk, which he had previously stopped doing, and get settled down but as soon as my head goes out of the room he stands up and cries and aslso turns his light on!

I just keep laying him down.eventually he gets the idea!, took over an hour the other night.
thanks guys, I did actually think about getting her a bed, well its a cotbed so I easily convert it and try, were waiting for her room to be plastered and she's still in our room, so I might try this when she goes into her room.

Yesterday was ok, at her nap I did the controlled crying let her cry for 15 minutes, then she stopped and went to sleep for two hours! I was working last night came home at 11 and she was still up with dave! So I took her up she was knackard and fell asleep in my arms put er in her cot, she woke once in the night and went straigh to sleep with her dummy back, so last night we had the bed to ourselves woohoo.

Im going to do what you do Hypnorm if it happens again, Im going to be strict her bed is where she sleeps she's gotten to used to uor bed!
its hard, belive me i've thought it easier just to go in the spare room with him, but i would be diggin my self a hole, and hubby would be annoyed with me!

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