Worried about starting school

Discussion in 'Kids & Teenagers' started by superfrizbee, May 11, 2019.

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    My DS is 4.5 and starts school in Sept. I'm so worried. He has left sided cerebral palsy (mild) which effects his speech and makes it unclear. He also has type 1 diabetes, so a lot of complex issues but none cognitive - apparently. That said, he just seems away with the fairies, doesn't listen and prefers to monkey about than sit and play with toys, although he'll focus on certain activities for ages. He is definitely the class clown, but I don't know how much is "typical" behaviour as none of the other preschool kids seem as loopy as hin. He shows no inclination for learning. Can't really hold a pencil, recognises some letters and numbers but not too many even after lots of fun and different ways to trying to help him remember. He is emerging 30-50 in most areas at preschool - way below the 53 months he is. He just doesn't seem ready at all and he is one of the oldest. He can't draw or write and can form a dodgy looking A but that's it. In other circumstances I might not be too concerned and think he'll get there in his own time but his stroke and other additional needs send me into panic mode that he won't do well at school. And by that I mean learn at his own pace and be happy and fulfilled.
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    You'll be surprised when he gets to school hun! The unit they have at my children's school for special needs/extra help that sort of thing is amazing. I think schools these days have the best training for situations like this. If he doesn't hold a pencil properly or would rather learn through play, they praise this and will use his way of learning to further him. There is a wide range of children in my kids school with all sorts of learning needs, and they have a lot of 1 on 1 learning if needs be. They encourage play with others but it isn't forced and will do it in his own time. I'm sure when they've explained their way of teaching you'll be more at ease with the situation :)

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