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Would you take them


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Aug 31, 2006
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HI guys

The Isle of Wight festival is coming around again soon and me and Jase really want to go again this year.

Its a very chilled out festival, nothing like download, reading/leeds.

Jase has sugested taking Charlie and Ethan this year (Coby is going to his nan's) but im not so sure. The music isnt loud coz its in the middle of a massive field, we wouldnt be going in to teh crowds if we had them, we would sit at teh back and watch the screens.
we take our own food and camping gear (stove, pots pans plate etc) so food posioning wouldnt be a problem. There is a kids area there with slides and games, there is also a fair ground there so it is child friendly, but im just worried about teh loo's. We take wipes with us anyway to clean them before we use... so if they came with us id prob take anti bacterial ones plus hand gels to keep them safe.
We are going to invest in a portable chemical loo for the camp site for them, but in the arena they will have to use the public ones and they do get really horrid.


Charlie will be 9 by then and Ethan is 7. ok to take them or to young?

I dont see why not, I dont think sanitation is an issue, kids are playing in mud enough at that age anyway!

I think more the issue is to whether they are likely to behave and not run off into the crowds, you will have to keep an eye on them, only you know if they are likely to try to run off and get into mishief. But this can always be countered by arranging early on a suitable meeting place for if you get seperated.

I say go for it.
they wouldnt run off, they are really good at staying with me, im a bit over protective of them so they know id go mad if they went off to far without me

I would Layla,reckon it will be great fun!

Kids will love it,enjoy yourselves.
I would, what a great experience and novel holiday for them :D
I would too, they will have a ball. I'll look after Coby :D
I would go for it babe, I bet the kids will have a ball with all that field to play in and music too, I would defo take Jade!!..........go, enjoy it! x
ah shit i voted no instead of yes :oops: , its a learning experience 4 thm hun!!! go 4 it!!!
I would take them....it sounds like you have thought of everything.....They have kids areas and it sounds like fun. Can I go? :lol:

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