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That is why I quite like the Achievements! Gives me something else to go and get! Keeps me quiet anyway! :haha:
I know what you mean about the achievements, some of them are a bit silly though :haha:

I decided that I miss my old PC and I'm tired and uncomfy playing WoW on my laptop... I just spent far too much money on a new gaming rig... 1GB radeon 5750 graphics card.. *drool* I can't wait to get back to playing on ultra settings with 60+fps...my laptop gets 20 at absolute best and raids drop me to 5-7 sometimes... its insane, I really don't know what drove me to get rid of my PC in the first place... oh well, new ones being delivered tomorrow and I am actually giddy with excitement lol how sad is that?!
oh i play wow too, well i used to i met my swedish boyfriend playing wow. I have a resto druid, but im not really the best healer, im on hellscream aswell, my name is lovie :) x
Sorry if I seem to be reviving this lol

I've been playing it off and on since 2005, but I only have 1 level 80, the next up (apart from my DK) is level 47.
My 80 is a Feral Druid NE, nothing special but I'm starting to concentrate more on gear now. I spend most of my time questing (took me 12 months to hit 60 cos I kept getting sidetracked lol), I'm really more of a solo player (barely ever did dungeons before the dungeon finder lol)
I mainly collect vanity pets...currently aiming for the Alliance Argent Tourney pets and mounts, which looks harder than I first thought, but at least I've got the hang of the duels now lol.
The pets are mainly what keep me motivated when it comes to farming rep. I recently got exaulted with Sporeggar and Cenarion Expedition...those dungeons are easy to solo once you're 80! So now I have my little 'Tiny Sporebat' and Cenarion Hippogriph =)

Anywho's, I'm on US server, Kilrogg, and my druid is called Evanshire =)
Yep I'm an addict! :haha:
I play on Darkmoon Faire and have been playing since about 2004-2005

85 Ele shammy - Taminina
82 Ret Pala - Leix
80 Feral Druid - Eluise
80 Arcane Mage - Mystral

and some other low levels... yep I didn't have a social life for a while
I'm addicted too, I'm on Hellscream and I'm a Horde. Wiggler - 85 ret pally (she is collecting dust, poor unloved belf :haha:) and Alunya - 85 arcane mage.

The new patch comes out tomorrow, soooo excited! x x x

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