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Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by MelliPaige, Jul 10, 2019.

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    My boys are 5 and almost 3. I thought I was done, I always wanted boys and I wanted them close together so they would be into all the same things, but lately I've found myself looking at baby names and wanting a 3rd. I've always wanted boys but I can't help but wonder what a girl would be like, or what dynamic a 3rd son would add. I've been looking at names and everything.

    My husband doesn't want a 3rd and says they are too expensive, since before we were married we agreed 2 was the perfect amount of kiddos so I don't blame him for not wanting it. Plus I just found out I got into a very competitive 2 year program in school, and it will take another 2.5 years on top of that before I can make that a career. But after that I would have a good job and money wouldn't be an issue. My boys would be 9 and 7 but a large age difference wouldn't be so bad.

    And we could have new baby sooner, I've done school with a newborn once and it really wasn't so bad, I did homework with him on the boob and after bedtime. I can't help but feel maybe someone is missing from our family and it could be my little #3
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    Have you told your hubby how you are feeling? I definitely think I couldn’t do three so I understand your husband’s perspective but then it’s hard to want another kid and not be able to have it.

    I will say I read somewhere that once you have two of one gender you have something like 80% chance of having the same gender for the third so I would be prepared for not getting your girl.

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