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Aug 4, 2008
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As some of you will already know through my other posts, my MIL is a huuuuge bitch (to put it bluntly) :) and now i've got my own back on her so had to share it on here haha.

I've just found out that she works ONLY 2 days a week, i'm at college for 20+ hrs a week and i work for 12 hrs a week too.. So none of her comments bother me now :). I asked her the other day: "Were you at work today or is it just a once a week thing?" :rofl: i know it's bitchy but omg it makes me feel better after how she made me feel before! CanNOT believe that she said to me last week "Did you have college AND work today? Ohh dear how DID you cope!?" I felt like actually poking her in the eye - how patronising!

We also had a huge issue a few days back when she hinted she didn't like me staying there, as it is apparantly the "principle" that i stay and not that i don't eat or such there. Buuuut a house is on it's way for me + OH :D i'm rather excited!

My dear mother is being rather nice (duno whether it's in our favour or hers tbh though lol) and buying a house that she won't be moving into, then letting us rent it off her and live there together. So me + OH should be fully living together before my birthday in April :).

I also had some issues with various other people pressuring me to quit college and get a full time job "so you and Tom can get your own place", but i now say: why should i quit something that can be stuck out and has benefits at the end, just to get a full time job doing something silly where i'll eventually end up going back to college to further my career lol.

Riiiiiight okay, mini rant over :) just had to get it out! How are you all? xx
Nice get-back!!

I love how you can get stuff off your chest on here and there's no consequences!!

Hope your feeling better now hun ... sounds like life is on the up.

Good on you for staying at college, you're right, absolutely pointless dropping out as you'd only go back later to get more qualifications ... you go girl!!


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