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Discussion in 'Gender Disappointment' started by LunaBean, Apr 19, 2015.

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    I feel so guilty for even having a preference, ds is great, but after 6 mc I was told I couldnt carry boys, so had assumed he was a boy until my gender scan at 18 weeks and got a shock. Now when I posted my scan pic, everyone said Oh another boy!! I dont get on with my mum and want that mother daughter bond. My sister has two girls and said she'll laugh if I have another boy as she knows how much I want a girl. Its a totally different pregnancy, I have hyperemisis this time and its my last baby, so really wanted it to be worth it for a girl, to go shopping with etc, plus if my sons are ever having babies, their partners mum will be in with her, I wont get that experience. This started out as a twin pregnancy, so I had double the chance for a girl. The scans do look the same, both at 10 weeks :(

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    10 weeks is far too early to tell for a nub, at this point its purely guess work. I feel for you though. I don't get on with my Mum and have no sisters, I don't get on with my mother in law either. I desperately want some kind of female bond. I have 4 boys, and I do get to do things like go shopping and stuff with one of them (although I'm sure he only enjoys it because he gets to have lunch out LOL) But even so it isn't the same. I was planning another but now I'm not sure thats even on the cards any more and it is hard to come to terms with the fact you probably wont ever have a daughter.

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