12 days late negative results

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by jemma 24, Jun 6, 2011.

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    hi everyone my last pariod was 27th april 2011 and its 27/28 days long
    im haveing cramps on and of since pariod was ment to come i also have backace sometimes and feel bit wet dwn there like af is comeing but it dont i also have sore nipples and trouble sleeping at nite coz need to pee all the time i have had a little sickness not much tho i have done a asda pregnancy test 4 days late and a clearblue didgi one at 8days late and still negative also done a pounland one today and negative i dont no wats happening with my pariod i am always on time and never been late at all ive had unprotected sex during the time leading up2 pariod me and my partner have unexplaned fertility we where on clomid and finished that in 2 months ago and we are now waiting to be refferd for ivf my appointmant is friday can anyone help me i also have an appointmant to see doctor friday for blood test
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    If you stopped taking Clomid 2 months ago it can cause hormonal imbalances and you may not have ovulated on time or ovulated much later.

    I know it doesn't help but unless you can ask your FS for a scan to see what's going on you'll just have to wait for af. And keep testing weekly because if you ovulated late (like last week) and got pg, the test won't show for another few days

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