12 dpo and tiny bit of spotting and really really really faint +++(added photo)

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by heart4home, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I took a CBE and could see a very very faint line right away, and it got a bit darker after about 10 minutes where you don't need to squint or anything, but of course it's blue dye and all. So then I immediately took a FRER (which was probably stupid since I'd only just peed 20 minutes earlier) but anyways, I could see the faintest of lines. I mean it won't even probably show up on a photo, it's so so faint, but it's there, unlike the stark white ones I've had the last few days.

    I also had some brownish/red spotting this morning, only when I checked, if YKWIM.

    So I don't know what to think. Is the spotting, AF coming??

    I had a chemical last month but it had clearer tests by this time. Not dark, but easy to see.

    Not really holding out much hope. I've had very few symptoms, if any. Back ache and some cramps that's all.

    I'm so sad. I guess I'll keep taking my progesterone and see what happens tomorrow. I was gonna stop today so AF would come for sure on time.

    There is a possibility I'm only 11 dpo, but even still last month my tests were darker than this on 11 dpo and it still didn't go well..

    This is so frustrating and I'm just feeling so discouraged. Thanks for reading.

    Ooops, I forgot that we aren't suppossed to put HPT pics here so I'll put the link to my post in the gallery
  2. Well it that is a positve pregnancy test, however it doesnt mean your pregnant because they often like to mess our heads up and get us excited. Just try and wait as long as you can (like a week or so) and then do another test and see what the results of that one are. If your pregnant its unlickly it will be popping out any time soon, so you have a while to wait.
    I hope your AF doesnt come, its so disapointing when you have your hopes up and then realise its not happening!

    Good luck! xxx

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