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1st day!!!


lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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at nursery 4 my los 2day!! chloe was a bit teary but she was fine apptly :D both did hand and feet paintings lol!! glad they were ok tho :D:D:D
aww bless are they both together then ? thats good! Im sure they had loads of fun!
both in same nursery but seperate rooms ;)
nah, am back in a couple of weeks, wanted 2 make sure kiddlies were ok at nursery b4 i went back :D
Aw thats brill, must make you feel less anxious about leaving them when you know they are enjoying themselves! :)
lol chloe gave it the whole.. muuuum muuuuuuum thing 4 2 mins thn spotted snack n away she toddles :rofl:
awww no it would break my heart hearing that! Saying that Ella's never bothered when I leave her, most the time wont even wave bye bye to me coz she's too busy playing, she loves going to nanas house! She's so social though she'll run off and play with other children and no worry about leaving my side!

Im sure they'll both be really settled by the time you go back to work!
I done this with rebecca-put her in the nursery the week b4 I went back. Just incase u get a phone call to come and collect them as they aint settled.

Glad they were both ok, they will love it! :D
yeah was all choked up wen i seen callums little feet prints on the wall(on paper obviously!!! :shock: ) cant wait till chloe starts bringing home pics etc :D
aaawww at least you can feel ok at work knowing they are happy and enjoying nursey

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