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    Well, after much debating whether to have a 3d4d scan or not - we decided to go for it! In a way we're glad we did it as it was lovely to see him all snug in there. But...when the sonographer started scanning me - he told me there was a lot of placenta in the way as I have an anterior placenta (this was the first I'd heard of it...I would have booked it for earlier on if I'd known!!) The placenta was obstucting the view of bubs quite a lot and although we can make out what's what on the DVD (cos he was talking us through it!) family cant! Anyway, we got some pics...all unclear, a disc with more pics (not the ones he's printed tho, and they are better!) (Just!)

    The whole experience was lovely and it was so nice to see bubs all snug in there cuddling up to my placenta lol, just a little disappointing. To those ladies with an anterior placenta - my advice would be to go between 24-27 weeks as there will be more room in there for you to see bubs and you'll get some better pics etc. (on the plus side - he didnt charge us for the disc of pics of DVD due to it not being very clear)

    Here's the BEST two.

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