4 week old not eating much

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by MrsWhite, Jun 4, 2013.

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    My 4 week old hasn't eaten much the last two days...she sleeps a lot and when she nurses she only does it for about 2 minutes and is lazy about it and then falls back asleep. Tried to give a bottle to get some volume in her but she refuses. What do I do? Why is she not eating? Everything else seems ok, lots of wet diapers though no poopy ones for last couple days.
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    As long as she doesn't seem ill and she's having lots of wet diapers she's probably fine, just busy growing which is why she needs all the sleep! My LO had phases like this at that age too. Sometimes I would try tickling her neck or talking to her to keep her awake so she could eat a bit more. I don't think I would bother with a bottle.
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    Sometimes they do that . If she's still having wet diapers don't worry too much.

    You can try to keep her awake by stripping her to her diaper for feeds and gently blow on her, or talk to her to keep her from falling asleep and help get a better feed

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