5 weeks old reflux, constipation, wind and now colic?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by jojolou1981, Nov 20, 2011.

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    i know there is prob hundreds of threads like this but i wanted to make sure i was listing everything and getting all the advice i could get.

    my baby girl is 5 weeks old tomos and has been on infant gaviscon since the 12/11/11 she started being sick about 2 weeks before this.

    Milk and reflux

    she has been on sma advanced gold since 2 days after birth and not really had many problems until she started being sick, we tried to change her milk to cow and gate but still had the same effect so went back to sma and of course knew something wasnt still right so got some infant gaviscon.


    she then got constipation on and off for days which she still suffers with from time to time


    she has always suffered with winding, not as much for the first couple of ounces but its always the last ounce and winding can take up to 2 hours at times so we have got colief in her bottle which breaks down the lactalose in the milk so its easier to digest!!


    her winding seams to be getting a lot worse and she seams to be crying for hours on end at times and a lot harder to settle

    still being sick on infant gaviscon

    shes still sick every now and again sometimes it resorts in bringing the whole bottle back and sometimes just little bits but this again is a nightmare as we have to either split up another schatet of gaviscon and feed her again what she has lost so we are going through gaviscon like crazy until we get something resloved sometimes we dont use gaviscon again if its just a couple of ounces lost.

    cow and gate comfort milk???

    my step sister had the same problems with her little boy and put him on cow and gate comfort milk and used different sized teats so im debating to go down this route now?

    your help and support will be much appreciated thank you xxx

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