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    Not sure if it’s in right place? Admin can move it to right place.

    I am posting for my best friend and she’s on holiday and concerning about her period and symptoms. She’s on holiday at the moment and won’t be getting home until tomorrow midnight.

    She have PCOS, having irregular period with heavy bleeding, she have polyps in her womb lining and had it removed twice and is in a relationship with new partner for two years now and they are trying for a baby. She’s about 11 days late with brown discharges which is unusual for her cuz she normally gets brown discharge a day or two before her period comes but this time it’s longer and didn’t show up yet. She had a missed miscarriage 8 years ago with her ex husband and she didn’t know she were pregnant until it was too late. Her new partner is aware of this.

    She don’t want to do pregnant tests just in case it’s showing up negative result in the past. :-(

    What advices could you give her? Any one have same or similar experience as her?

    Many thanks.


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