Advice on putting baby to bed please...

Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by snailien, Sep 11, 2010.

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    I apologise in advance if this gets a bit long....

    I breastfeed and we have a bedside cot but LO co slept b4 we got the cot and she still comes in when she feeds and usually stays in. More often than not th OH goes in the spare room as he finds LO too noisy so quite often it's just me and her in bed with the bedside cot as extra space if we need it.

    LO was going down fine in the evening giving me and OH a few hrs to ourselves but since she had her 2nd jabs (coincidence i'm sure) she won't go down, altho she seems tired and frustrated she just seems to want me and boob! OH is feeling a bit rejected, we're getting no time to ourselves and I don't know how to sort it.

    She's also waking more at night... Is this a phase?? She's 16 weeks tomo.

    Thought I'd post in here as we co-sleep and breastfeed I thought more people might have more of an idea in natural parenting than just baby club.
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    They often go through a growth spurt at that age - it won't last! Mine always went to bed in their own cot, so I didn't have that problem, but I think you probably just need to be firm for a couple of nights, if you want her to stay in her own cot. Mine always girzzled until around 11:00PM, but after that, they went in their cot, and slept through until around 7:00AM. In fact they all did it from about 6 weeks old, but all required an extra feed or 2 in the day, at round 3-4 months!

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